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2017 ElMoto East Coast - Montclair to DC

A beautiful day to begin a 2,500 mile ride!

The weather is 70 and sunny, my bag is packed, chargers locked into position and I'm excited to go! Today will be an easy day with only 2 charging stops thanks to my 2016 Zero SR that can go over 100 miles on the highway on one charge.

After riding 95 miles from Montclair, NJ (home) down the Garden State Parkway and I-95, the first stop was at Ken's house near Philadelphia. We first met two years ago because he listed his house on the Plugshare app. That allowed me to find him and his 2 high powered chargers. I plan to charge using 2 EVSE's (aka charging stations) at each charging stop because I have 2 charging systems.

The first charging system consists of 2 Elcons powered at 2.5kW each and the onboard charger on my motorcycle (1.3kW). The second charging system is the digiNow Supercharger v2. (I had version 1 and it didn't work consistently last summer.) The digiNow Supercharger v2 worked great on a trip through New England, but has not worked in testing for this trip. That won't stop me, but it will slow me down considerably.

After charging for a while at Ken's house I headed down to the trusty White Marsh Park & Ride that has 6 charging stations just north of Baltimore! There are lots of restaurants with air conditioning and wifi nearby, so I just stayed there and worked on


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