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June 11, 2015

1 - Three Country Tour - Prep

How to prepare a Zero S/SR/DS/DSR for a long range road trip using Hollywood Electrics Elcon 2.5kW chargers.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Prep

June 12, 2015

2 - Three Country Tour - Charging (NJ to VA)

Road trip!  Check out how to charge along the way using an electric motorcycle.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Charging

June 13, 2015

4 - Three Country Tour - Frankenbike (VA)

My friend Burton shows us the guts of his awesome electric motorcycle.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Frankenbike

June 15, 2015

5 - Three Country Tour - Skyline Drive (VA, WV)

Join my jouren along Skyline Drive in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains, plus there was a problem near the end of the ride.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Skyline Drive

June 16, 2015

6 - Three Country Tour - Blue Ridge Parkway (VA, NC)

Beautiful riding through the Great Smoky Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Blacksburgh, VA to Asheville, NC.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip -Blue Ridge Parkway

June 17, 2015

7 - Three Country Tour - Rest Day (NC)

Finished riding the Blue Ridge Parkway today and it was the most incredible part!

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Rest Day

June 18, 2015

8 - Three Country Tour - South Carolina (NC, SC)

Ran into a serious problem while traveling down memory lane in SC.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - South Carolina

June 19, 2015

9 - Three Country Tour - Georgia & Florida (SC, GA, FL)

Rode down I-95 to visit family in Florida, it was a long, hot day and the battery needed a little time to cool down.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Georgia & Florida

June 22, 2015

10 - Three Country Tour - Florida Westward (FL)

Met up with a fellow electric biker in Jacksonville, hit some rain, just kept moving.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Florida Westward

June 23, 2015

11 - Three Country Tour - Gulf States (FL, AL, MS, LA)

The hot, flat south was where I rode today.  Met some nice BMW folks while charging and even charged at a McDonald's!  What?!?

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Gulf States

June 24, 2015

12 - Three Country Tour - Houston (LA, TX)

Rode through East Texas on my way to Houston to visit some friends.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Houston

June 25, 2015

13 - Three Country Tour - San Antonio

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2015 Elmoto Road Trip - San Antonio

June 27, 2015

14 - Three Country Tour - Mexico (TX, Mexico)

The second country of my Three Country Tour brought me to Ciudad Acûna for a pleasant ride.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Mexico

June 29, 2015

15 - Three Country Tour - Back to Houston (TX)

An easy ride from San Antonio to Houston, TX visiting the Flatonia RV Ranch where the proprieters are now friends.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Back to Houston

June 30, 2015

16 - Three Country Tour - Natchez (TX, LA, MS)

Met a nice lady driving a Tesla and chatted with her about charging while at Whole Foods.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Natchez

July 01, 2015

17 - Three Country Tour - Tupelo (MS)

I trespassed twice today.  Riding the Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez to Nashville, TN was a beautiful ride.  Stopped in Tupelo for my second AirBnB experience.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Tupelo

July 02, 2015

18 - Three Country Tour - Nashville (MS, AL, TN)

The last section of the Natchez Trace Parkway is the best!  Met up with Protomech, another electric biker, and ate at the Loveless Cafe (delicious!).

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Nashville

July 03, 2015

19 - Three Country Tour - Columbus (TN, KY, OH

A rain storm made this leg a bigger adventure than anticipated!  Such obstacles to overcome.

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Columbus

July 04, 2015

20 - Three Country Tour - Cleveland (OH)

Met up with a childhood friend, got ripped off by a Nissan dealer, and made it to Cleveland in time to dance!

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Cleveland

July 05, 2015

21 - Three Country Tour - New Jersey (OH, PA, NJ)

My longest day of riding!  Check out how many miles I covered while traveling across PA!

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - New Jersey

July 11, 2015

22 - Three Country Tour - Canada (NJ, NY, Canada)

The triumphant ride of the Three Country Tour!  Long distances between charging made this a bit hectic, but what a beautiful day for a ride!

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Canada

July 12, 2015

23 - Three Country Tour - Home to NJ (Canada, NY, NJ)

The ride home was a bit wild due to distance between charging stations, but it felt good to be home after a month of traveling!

2015 Elmoto Road Trip - Home to NJ

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