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Electric Motorcycle Adventurer


In 2007, I took the Basic Rider course to get my motorcycle license, then got my first electric motorcycle.  I didn't know at the time that it would change my life and give me the opportunity to go on incredible adventures in the years to follow.  Below are just a few of the many adventures I have taken on electric motorcycles.  Currently I ride a 2014 Zero SR electric motorcycle.

Kick Gas, the movie

Crossing the country on electric vehicles I joined 9 other intrepid travelers from across the globe to attempt to break 4 Guinness World Records.  This movie brings you along for the ride.  It was an amazing adventure!

Kick Gas - the movie

Ride the Future Tour

The Ride the Future Tour in 2013 kicked off my passion for long distance electric motorcycle riding.  We made a movie called Kick Gas and spread the word about electric vehicles before they were cool.  There are far more EVs now than there were back then.  

Check out the movie Kick Gas.

2014 - 5,500 mile Journey

After the Ride the Future Tour I went on a journey of my own using 2 Elcon 2.5kW chargers from Hollywood Electrics on my 2012 Zero S.  My range was 80 miles (at best!) and I could only charge at 4.5kW, but it got me where I was going and I traveled about 310 miles per day on average.

Riding the Tail of the dragon was a huge highlight of that journey!

NJ Electric Auto Assoc.

As an active member of the NJ Electric Auto Association I regularly hang out at car and motorcycle events showing my sweet Zero SR.  

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