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MKA Carbon Neutrality Commitment Committee

In 2021, 5 APES students decided to convince MKA to commit to going fully carbon neutral by a specific date.  Since then the Carbon Neutrality Commitment Committee (CNCC) has grown and worked to educate the community, research the steps to go carbon neutral, and presented to the Tri-Campus administration.  

We are always looking for more people to help move us forward!

Carbon Neutrality at MKA

More than a dozen colleges have already gone carbon neutral, and many private high schools have been looking into how to make it happen.  Phase 1 has gone well culminating in an hour-long presentation to the Tri-Campus Administration to explain how much the MKA community wants the school to lead by example, and what would be the steps to do it.

Here is the Carbon Neutral Presentation to the Tri-Campus Administration on Feb 22, 2022.

Here is the Carbon Neutral MKA Whitepaper.

Here is a report on surveys about carbon neutral at MKA.

The next steps are to be determined by the next group of students looking to make meaningful change at MKA.


I'm always looking for MKA community members who want to make a difference at MKA!

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