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2016 ElMoto 4Corners - Fairfax, VA to Montclair, NJ

The final leg of my 8640 mile journey on an electric motorcycle! After 50 days on the road, and averaging 400+ miles per day of riding, I finally made it back home.

The day started like any other, waking up at 6:30 to leave by 7am. Rode from Fairfax to White Marsh Park-n-Ride just north of Baltimore in morning traffic. The traffic means that it took a few extra minutes, but extended my range!

Met up with a Brammo rider at my first charging stop just North of Baltimore and we had a nice chat while charging. It's always fun to hang out with someone while charging. Normally at that location I go to a local restaurant, and once I went to the movies!

Then I headed up I-95 to the Delaware rest stop where both of the 18kW chargers didn't work for me. That was a bummer, they should have been able to provide plenty of power to use the supercharger at maximum power, but I haven't been able to get them to work with either of my charging systems (supercharger or Elcons).

So I headed down the road to a nearby 4 Points by Sheraton hotel that has a double Chargepoint charger where I had some brunch. Plugged in both charging systems, went inside, had a delicious brunch, and when I came back out the station had gone dark. This is bad news because it means I tripped the circuit breaker. Since I was meeting with people just up the road, I headed out (and called Chargepoint later to tell them about the issue).

I met up with some guys from the EEVC (Easter Electric Vehicle Club) in Southern NJ and grabbed some pizza with them. it was fun to share stories from my trip and hear about their club activities.

When I was done charging, I headed up I-95 to the Manheim auction house where I charged up one last time. There were 4 charging stations, 3 of which were used for cars that were being sold (but a couple were full of charge). My bike had to be parked between two cars because the lot was full, and I just waited with the bike because I didn't need that much charge to make it home.

Finally I was on the last leg on the last day of my journey. There was some traffic to welcome me home, but eventually I made it to my exit from the Garden State Parkway, into Montclair, and then into my driveway.

I was home. *Whew* What a journey! It is difficult to express how thankful I am for all my friends and family who supported me during this journey by offering a place for me to stay. Not only because it saved me money, but because I value those friendships and reconnecting (sometimes after many years!) is what makes the trip truly worthwhile.

Some final numbers for my trip:

Total time: 50 days

Total distance: 8540 miles (13,902km)

Riding days: 21

Average distance per day: 411 miles (662km)

Number of states visited: 33

Total Cost of electricity: $118.50

Video from EEVC member Ollie when I was charging at Ken Barbour's house in Deptford, NJ.

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