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ElMoto 4Corners - Driggs, ID to Butte, MT


Woke up in Driggs, ID and headed straight for Jackson, WY at 7am. Cruised through Jackson and charged at a gas station (ironically) in Grand Teton National Park.

The Grand Teton Mountains are truly amazing. It was breathtaking riding by the mountain range, enjoying the view as my perspective changed ever so slightly while riding by.

Then I finally made it to Yellowstone National Park. Thankfully I had given myself a "short" travel day of only 330 miles to travel so I had time to actually enjoy the park. I stopped by a waterfall to listen to the serenity of the falling water, and even waited for Old Faithful to erupt!

I ended up seeing 3 different geysers erupt that day! What luck!

Got a little wet in the north end of Yellowstone while riding into Montana!!! State number 46!!!

Charged up at at hotel, where they were happy to let me charge in their underground garage. Stayed dry in the lobby while charging my phone. A continual challenge is keeping my phone battery charged because I use it with Bluetooth to listen to music in my helmet.

After that was 1 more stop at Camper Corner where they had such a nice time chatting about electric motorcycles and electric vehicles that they actually refunded me the $3 I gave them to charge up! As an added bonus, it was within walking distance of restaurants and downtown shops.

Then I checked into my first hotel of the trip! I have been on the road for 3 weeks and have managed to stay with friends or in AirBnB places so far. They let me charge my motorcycle in the vestibule and I was good to go!

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