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ElMoto 4Corners - Park City to Driggs, ID

Today was a "moment of truth" kind of day! Either Monarch Honda (a Zero Motorcycles dealer) had a spare drive belt or they didn't. IF they have one, I will be able to ride up to Driggs today, but IF they don't it will throw off a lot of plans and probably cost a lot of money.

*Drum roll*

They have one! Thank goodness! First thing in the morning I called AAA to pick me up, the arrived promptly, then took me to Orem, UT (about 30 miles away) to Monarch Honda. There I met Rob and Mike (brothers) and they gave me the good news. Mike started working on my bike immediately at 9am, and I had a chance to chat with Rob (the owner) about Zeros, the trip, racing, etc.

They are a top-notch motorcycle dealership and they took incredibly good care of me in record time! They are also among the most environmentally responsible motorcycle dealerships I have ever seen, which is a bonus!

My goal was to be on the road by noon, and they got me going by 10:30 or 11am.

First stop was a Plugshare user's garage who is a mechanic. Jarl was friendly and let me charge using his 10kW juicebox. He tracked the usage and found that it did indeed put out 10kW of power, which hasn't happened with his BMW i3 because it limits power to 7.2kW.

Then I went to Logan, UT where there is a university and several chargers. I ended up wasting some time trying to make the town charger work, but they wanted a $100 deposit and the guy with the key card wasn't there. So I found a trusty Chargepoint station and it worked like a charm. Ate at the Bluebird cafe which had good food, but slow service when I needed to go.

Then stopped at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho! A nice RV Park where they simply let me plug in without checking in at the office. This saved a few precious minutes and got me going quickly! Thanks Downata Springs!

After that I lost 5 bucks at the Fort Hall Casino while my bike charged. Spent it all on a Wonder Woman game.

Final charging stop of the day was at Steve Ridges house using his 50 Amp connection. Then finally made it to Driggs to a beautiful hostel overlooking the grand Teton Mountains! Got in at 10pm, going to leave at 7am.

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