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2016 ElMoto 4Corners - Denver to Park City

After a wonderful visit in Denver that included refreshing a long-term friendship, kayaking and swing dancing at Little Man Ice Cream (sorry no video this time), I'm off to Park City, Utah!

This is a very long leg of the trip that I had to re-plan as a result of understanding the range of my 2014 Zero SR. Also I was concerned that the mountains would eat up my range faster than normal. But I was wrong! What?!?!

Riding through the mountains actually extended my range because I could coast downhill. The uphill didn't use up as much range as anticipated, so that was a nice surprise!

Also had to divert my path off the path of least miles because there was a dearth of charging opportunities in western Colorado. That led to some interesting interactions.

After 525 miles of riding in 18 hours (from 6am to midnight) I finally arrived at the Park City Hostel where they welcomed me with High West Whiskey, Double Rye. This happens to be my favorite! Seems like the start of a great weekend! Hope to be off toward Jackson, WY on Sunday to enjoy Yellowstone!

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