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2016 ElMoto 4Corners - Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, NE

Minneapolis to Sioux City started off a bit wet, but became a beautiful day to ride through 3 big plains states.

Hit some weather leaving Minneapolis, but otherwise it was a lovely cool day to ride through the midwestern plains of the US.

The wind really has a significant impact on my range today. In the morning I traveled against the wins, so I ended up riding behind trucks quite a bit so they would block the wind. This causes quite a bit of turbulence that I have to ride through, but it wasn’t too bad.

Then in the afternoon and evening the wind was at my back and I could ride at 70-72mph using 100Wh/mi of energy! Holy moly! Usually i have to ride at 55mph to get that kind of efficiency.

Charged at a variety of RV Parks again. Had one woman initially say I couldn’t charge there, then she changed her mind in 2 seconds and let me come charge.

In Brookings, SD I charged at the house of a guy named Iver who drives a Volt. Fortunately he has a Clipper Creek 32 Amp charging station so I could charge up pretty quickly. We had a lovely chat on his front porch while I was charging.

That night I stayed at an AirBnB and was exhausted upon arrival. The host was super-nice and we chatted for 30 minutes since he is also a teacher. However, I really just wanted to fall asleep, but I had some planning to do for the next day. Went to sleep at midnight again so I could leave at 7am again. Feeling worn out right now, but I have 2 days to go before staying in Denver with friends for a couple of nights.

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