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2016 ElMoto 4Corners - Sioux Falls, SD to McCook, KS

Leaving Sioux Falls, NE for McCook, KS my first order of business was to get food for the day. Most RV parks don’t have food available so I have been buying a cold cut sub and this will be my 3rd day eating one for breakfast & lunch. Ah the glamorous life of an adventurer.

Upon crossing the state line into Iowa I stopped by a gas station and had a fun conversation with the guys who were eating breakfast there. You never know who will get to hear about riding cross country on an electric motorcycle!

Then I headed to South Sioux City, Nebraska where I charged at a police station. The guys at the police station were awesome! They gave me a tour of their fully operational Nissan LEAF police car (lights, siren, computer, wifi, etc.). The Chief of Police who is a Harley rider came over and asked a ton of questions. He’s thinking about looking into getting Zeros for the station!

Then it was back to riding through corn fields and charging at RV Parks. Everything went smoothly until I noticed my 110V cord was a bit burnt after using the electrical hookup at an RV Park. Fortunately it wasn’t badly burned, but I have to keep an eye on it now.

Had my first good dinner in a few days at a Mexican restaurant in Holdrege, NE before going to my second AirBnB in McCoy, NE.

The host met me outside of his garage, let me plug in, chatted, then I worked until 12am planning my next day. Charging through Kansas is going to be tough. The towns are about 20-40 miles apart and not all of them have RV Parks. However, I have a plan and we’ll see if it works.

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